Public Shaming Guilts Dine And Dashers Into Paying Bill

Thanks to surveillance and social media the practice of dine and dash may be over for good. Take for instance, The Brass Tap in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Last Friday night a group of five people in their 20s decided to skip out on a $110 bill. Perhaps they thought it was funny or a joke to dine and...
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Pickle Lovers Rejoice Over All-Pickle Restaurant

Proof there is a restaurant for everyone, look for a new eatery in New York that serves nothing but pickles. Yes, brine and dine with our favorite vinegar-soaked cucumber as it is about to move from a topping to the main course. It’s all thanks to the people behind The Pickle Guys, who have created...
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Florida Man's Version of Dine and Dash Involving A Pizza Delivery

You have got to be pretty hungry to order a pizza without any way to pay for it, which in case you were wondering is a crime and you can be arrested. That's what 60 year old James Chandler of Fort Pierce found out. On October 23rd he placed a delivery order for a pizza and cinnamon sticks. A few...
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