Train Your Dog To Come To You When The Smoke Alarm Sounds

It happens from time to time, you are cooking up a storm when all of the sudden, your home's smoke detector goes off! The loud buzz is meant to alert you of a potential fire and to get yourself and your loved ones to safety. That also includes your dog. So take the opportunity to train your dog to...
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Portable Camera Detector locates Hidden Cameras And Perfect For Your Next Hotel Stay

There have been a number of stories recently of hidden cameras found in hotels, bathrooms and even Airbnb homes that spy on unsuspecting victims. It is a horrifying experience that no one should go through and thanks to Spy Associates, a maker of surveillance and privacy protection products, you no...
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Study Finds Mom's Voice More Effective Than Smoke Detectors

Nothing can grab the attention of a child faster than the sound of mom's voice and that may be incorporated into the next generation of fire alarms. Smoke alarms are crucial in warning families of fires in the night but children are notoriously difficult to wake using sound alone as they sleep...
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