Martin Kids Dental & Martin Orthodontics Open House Carnival

Don't miss the Martin Kids Dental & Martin Orthodontics Open House Carnival on SAturday, May 11th from 10am to 2pm at the newly renovated Martin Kids Dental & Martin Orthodontics in Jonesville. Food and festivities for all ages including face painting, a bounce house, an obstacle course and...
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Half Of Americans Put Off Medical And Dental Treatments Because They Can Not Afford Them

A bleak report shows just how bad are medical expenses hurting our bank accounts. Almost half of all Americans say they've put off necessary medical or dental care because it is too expensive and they do not have enough money saved to cover it. Preventive measures and early treatment are the tried...
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Your Plastic Toothbrush Could Not Be Recycled Until Now

When your toothbrush has served you well, eventually it will become time to replace it and you toss the old one into the recycle bin. But the dirty, dark secret is even though you think your plastic toothbrush will be made into some other plastic item, it is a kind of plastic most recycling centers...
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