Half Of Americans Put Off Medical And Dental Treatments Because They Can Not Afford Them

A bleak report shows just how bad are medical expenses hurting our bank accounts. Almost half of all Americans say they've put off necessary medical or dental care because it is too expensive and they do not have enough money saved to cover it. Preventive measures and early treatment are the tried...
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Your Tax Refund May Be Delayed Due To The Government Shutdown

The partial government shutdown has many Federal employees sitting on the sidelines or working output a paycheck until funding is approved. Along with Federal parks and museums, the FBI, DEA and Border Security, the Internal Revenue Service is affected. Less than half (43.5%) of the agency’s...
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Noise Can Pack On Extra Pounds

Noise is everywhere and according to the World Health Organization, noise pollution is one of the most pressing threats to public health, second only to air pollution, and responsible for a range of conditions from stress, restless nights, development delays in children and even heart disease and...
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