Avoid Having A Blooper Room

If your house has been lingering on the market, the reason it hasn’t sold may have nothing to do with price or location. Real estate agents say there could be a “blooper room,” or a problematic space that needs work in an otherwise turn-key home, keeping buyers from making an offer. For buyers...
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Poop In The Dark

Now on to a subject that we all do yet many are embarrassed to discuss but being distracted doing it is turning out to be a big problem. It's pooping. At least three-quarters of Americans, including 96% of members of Gen Z, do a "number two" with their smartphones. Doctors have noticed the rate of...
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Picking Out The Perfect Chocolate For You

While you could argue there is no such thing as a terrible chocolate, there are differences in quality that make some bars better than others. So here are some tips on picking out the tastiest and silkiest chocolate for your summer treats. It does without saying that chocolate comes from the bitter...
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Vacation Company Plans Your Trip Without You Know Where You're Going

Planning a vacation takes time, and the truth is, time is not something most people usually have a lot of. Fortunately there is a company like Pack Up + Go , which helps time-starved vacation-hungry travelers a much needed helping hand by planning your entire trip for you! All you have to do is...
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WROCLAW, POLAND - APRIL 03rd, 2018: Netflix is an american entertainment company specialized in streaming media.

Netflix Goes All-In With 5 New German Series

Netflix has ordered 5 new German-language shows for its global streaming service. Get all the details on the can't-miss shows you'll want to stream soon.
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