Cutting Cake To Keep It Fresher Longer

It's hard to believe you've made it this far in life and are cutting cakes the wrong way! If you've noticed fondant cakes don't fare well in the refrigerator, it's not your imagination. It's all because of the way you cut a piece of the cake out. Typically cutting a triangle piece out of a circular...
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Watermelon Dress Is The Trend To Follow This Summer

Fashion continues to make a name for itself in 2017 and while you may not see too many men walking around in rompers you may be seeing a lot of people wearing a watermelon dress. Now before you try and wrap your head around a person can wear a piece of fruit as clothing, it isn't really a physical...
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Pizza Chain Lets You Cut Ahead of The Order Line For A Fee

How quickly do you want your pizza? Would you be willing to pay more money to get it faster? Papa John's thinks so. The pizza delivery company is testing a feature called PapaPriority. By paying an additional $2.99, you cut to the head of the virtual line and get priority in your pie being cooked...
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KARMA: Stranger Cuts In Front Of Man In Lottery Line-Man Wins $1Million

The next time you are standing in the checkout line and someone rudely cuts in front of you, remember this story. The same thing happened to a New Zealand man this week as he was standing in line to purchase a lottery ticket at a convenience store. Apparently someone though it was OK to cut in the...
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