Create Your Own Amazon Alexa Skill

Amazon's Alexa has skills, such as turning lights on and off and even ordering food for you. That's what these actions are called and very recently you had to hope that a developer had created a skill for Alexa to get the artificial intelligent tube to do what you wanted. Last year, Amazon released...
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Customized Cozy House Slippers That Look Like Your Pet!

Take you love for your pets to the next level thanks to Cuddle Clones. The company known for selling stuffed versions of your beloved pets, now sells custom pet slippers. Yes, you can create house slippers that look like your dog, cat or even horse! In order to make your own pair of slippers, you...
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Company Prints Your Face on Wrapping Paper

The gift-giving season is getting closer and with the average person spending $900 on presents, might as well step up your present presence with gift wrap that ash your face on it! Gift Wrap My Face lets you personalize gift wrap with your face, your pets face, or your loved ones' face! The process...
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