Woman wearing mask on beach

Face Masks Myths Debunked

One problem about masks may circle around old information or misinformation about them, so we're here to clear the air about face masks and coronavirus
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More Workers Quitting Their Current Jobs To Seek Professions They Enjoy

If you're going to spend the majority of your day working at a job, it should be something you want to do! A recent survey by found nearly 74% of Americans have left a job to pursue their true passions. As unemployment reached a record low in April of 3.9 percent, some Americans are...
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Latest Slang and Their Meaning

Every generation introduces new words in to our vocabulary that lead many adults scratching their head as to their meaning, so let's play another fantastic game: Guess The Slang Game. We'll take a look at some current slang and discover their meanings, or at least what your teen wants you to think...
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Surviving A Job You Hate

It is always better to seek a new job when you still have one, even if you really hate your current job. Day after day you dread coming in to work, associating with co-workers and grinding your teeth in meetings. While you are searching for your next job it can be difficult to keep yourself up in a...
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