Recycle Your Old Mattress

When you think of items to recycle usually plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper bag come to mind. An old mattress doesn't usually pop up on the recycle list but there is a lot of items that can be make from recycling it. From box springs to foam, mattresses contain valuable recyclable material...
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Keep Plastic Mail Envelopes Out Of Your Recycle Bin

Recycling is simple enough. Paper, glass, cans and plastic can all be recycled for another round of use. However those plastic mailers that are delivered to your mailbox or doorstep from Amazon should not be placed in the recycle bin. According to a recent report Amazon’s new, non-recyclable...
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Not All Glass Is Recyclable

When it comes to items to recycle, paper, plastic, aluminum and glass come to mind. However not all glass is recyclable! A surprise to most that a broken drink glass or wine bottle would disqualify it from the recycling bin, but broken glass is not accepted for curbside recycling . While safety is...
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