Revive Stale Granola

Revive stle granola with the oven trick.
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Reheating Food: Microwave Vs Toaster Oven

Since the creation of the microwave oven over a half century ago, the debate has raged as to what food items you should cook or reheat in the microwave compared to the more traditional oven and more convenient toaster oven. Fortunately foodies have chimed in with their recommendations based on the...
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Time Crunch Leads To A Young Woman Wearing Prom Dress To Work

It's prom season and now that the outrageous propposals have run their course for the year, it's time to get down to the dance. For 20-year old Alicia Davis, she was going to prom with her younger boyfriend, Chris, who is still in high school. The only problem is that prom started at 8pm and her...
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