Creating Crunchy Home Fries For Breakfast

The weekend is nearly here and perhaps you celebrate the weekend with a hearty made-from-scratch breakfast for the family! But if your home fries are always coming out soggy, add some baking soda to the mix. Baking soda breaks down the outside of the potato to help create a starchy, kinda mushy...
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Reheating Food: Microwave Vs Toaster Oven

Since the creation of the microwave oven over a half century ago, the debate has raged as to what food items you should cook or reheat in the microwave compared to the more traditional oven and more convenient toaster oven. Fortunately foodies have chimed in with their recommendations based on the...
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Avoid Ordering Foods Described With These Two Words

It has gotten a lot easier to eat healthy when eating out but as we've mentioned many time before, some foods that seem to be healthy are actually laden with saturated fats, salt and calories! One simple trick to detect potential healthy food saboteurs is to avoid foods that are described as "...
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potato chips

Are You Ready For Jelly Fish Chips?

Reaching for a salty, crunchy snack may actually be a healthy option in the near future. However we're not talking potato chips or popcorn, we're talking about jelly fish. Wait, what? Jellyfish?!?! While usually recognized for their squishy frames and poisonous tentacles, they're often prepared for...
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Prince Harry's Hack For Crispy Bacon

The British monarchy is all a buzz over the announcement that Prince Harry and American-born Meghan Markle are to wed. Prince Harry has spent a lot of his life in The States and while here, he has become a big fan of American bacon, which it a bit different from the bacon served in his native...
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french fries

Bake The Crispiest Fries At Home Using This One Trick

The french fry quite possibly is the world's most favorite food and while enjoying them from a restaurant ensures the are crisp and tasty, they usually bomb at home because of the cooking method. Since most homes do not have a deep dryer and using a while bottle of cooking oil can be costly (and...
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Simple Trick You Can Do To Keep Your Salad Lettuce from Becoming Soggy and Soft.

MMMM, that salad you had last night was delicious...and from a bag of all things! You can't wait to get home tonight and once again enjoy that delicious salad for dinner. However when you open the salad bag you opened last night, the lettuce is no longer crisp and firm. It's flimsy and gross and...
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