Thieves Get Away Using In-Store Electric Scooters

In the movies criminals have their escape route all ready to go and usually it involves a waiting person in a getaway car the speeds down the road or thieves running at away from the scene of the crime. That's in the movies. In real life a criminal couple used the in-store electric scooters as...
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police lights

Police Mimic A Simpsons Cartoon Gag To Catch Criminals

The Simpson TV Show is the longest running TV show in history and recently there have been people linking current events to episodes of The Simpsons that aired two decades ago. From The Walt Disney Company buying Twentieth century Fox to Super Bowl matchups, Super Bowl halftime shows, and a Trump...
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Woman Prevents Her Own Kidnapping Because She Knew How To Drive Stick

An incredible story of how a woman's manual car saved her from a kidnapping! 20-year-old college student Jordan Dinsmore left a restaurant last Wednesday around 1am and returned home to her apartment. But once she got out of her car, she was rushed by three men wearing dark clothes, pushed her to...
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