The CDC Guidelines For Thanksgiving 2020

Although it is something we don't want to hear, the CDC is recommending we celebrate Thanksgiving with just the people in your immediate household.
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Most Americans say they are skipping trick-or-treating this year

Nearly a quarter of Americans still plan on trick-or-treating this Halloween.
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CDC Reverses New Policy Back To Its Old Policy About COVID-19 Testing

Friday, the CDC now recommends COVID-19 testing be done on all individuals, showing symptoms or not, who has come in close contact to someone who test positive or has coronavirus.
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Pine-Sol Approved By EPA To Kill Coronavirus

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just added Pine-Sol as an approved COVID19 killer
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Planning For Thanksgiving During The Pandemic

Although we're about to start the Labor Day weekend, nearly a quarter of Americans worry about the holidays during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Pumpkin Patch And Corn Maze Safety

While it is important to be cautious for safety sake, it is also important to keep as many traditions as possible for the mental health of you and your family.
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College Tuition Insurance Policies

Not all colleges and universities offer tuition refunds if your student has to withdraw for the semester due to COVID-19. That's where tuition insurance can help.
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Sanitize Your N95 Face Mask Using An Instant Pot

Use your Instant Pot to decontaminate your highly-prized N95 face mask.
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What Teachers Need From Parents This School Year

While each classroom, each school, and each teacher will have different needs, these ideas from teachers about what they need from parents this school year will help make the transition easier for everyone.
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Should You Take A COVID-19 Test?

A positive result, indicating that you are infected with SARS-CoV-2, is very reliable, while a negative result is less certain.
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