A Lack Of A Nationwide Face Mask Policy Is Costing 5% of U.S. GDP

A report from Goldman Sachs projects a 5% loss of the gross domestic product (GDP) because there is no national policy mandating the use of facial coverings.
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CDC Revamps Medical Conditions That Make People More Vulnerable To COVID-19

While the CDC previous guidance focused on older adults, it has become obvious that people of any age can contract the virus that causes covid-19 and become seriously sick or die as a result, especially if they have other underlying health conditions.
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Avoid These Mistakes When Returning To A Restaurant During Pandemic

Everything has changed because of the pandemic and as we get use to the "new normal," it's important we do not fall back into our old habits; especially when dining at a restaurant.
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New IRS Rules For Withdrawing Funds From Your 401k Account Due To Coronavirus

The IRS has announced the expansion of the temporary CARES Act provisions for withdrawing from your 401K retirement account without penalties
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Tips On How To Keep Working Remotely From Home

Although some companies have changed their work at home policies, many haven't and if your company is one of those who do not plan letting people continue to work remotely, you'll have to seek out special permission
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Coronavirus Causes Nationwide Coin Shortage

The Federal Reserve is scurrying to supply coins to banks in the midst of a coin shortage caused by the pandemic.
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Things To Consider Before Stating Your Summer Vacation In The "New Normal" Of Coronavirus

Summer is almost upon us, but this is going to be a very different type of summer.
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Recent Survey Finds Most Americans Still Concerned With Coronavirus

A recent Consumer Reports survey found that 76% of Americans are somewhat or very concerned with COVID19 continuing to spread in our local areas.
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Revising Your Hurricane Prep Plan Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic complicates how we need to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes.
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172 Studies Show Social Distancing And Face Masks Reduce Coronavirus Spread By 80%

Social distancing, face masks and eye protection has reduced the spread of the novel coronavirus by up to 80%, according to data from 172 observational studies looking at how measures to prevent the spread of several coronaviruses including SARS, MERS and COVID-19
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