Bandannas and Neck Gaiters May Be Worse Than Wearing No Mask At All

Gaiter masks and bandannas may be just as ineffective in containing water droplets exhaled from your nose and mouth as not wearing a mask at all.
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Cleaning Your Face Masks

The CDC and WHO recommend everyone wear a face mask while in public places. But as we are finding out, they get dirty
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Woman wearing a surgical mask

Make Your Own Coronavirus Face Mask

Now the CDC is recommending everyone wear some sort of face mask when in public to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Here is how you can make one from a bed sheet.
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Ditch The Fake Spider Webs Outdoors

With 27 days remaining until Halloween, now is a good time to get into the spirit with some Halloween home decorations. While illuminating jack-o-lanterns and inflatable ghosts dot your front yard, stay away from using fake spider and cob webs. Those spooky gooky strands gumming up the trees and...
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Teach Your Kids To Blow Their Own Nose

If there's one job parents would gladly surrender to your children, it's extracting the snot from their little noses. Although many kids are developmentally ready to learn to blow their own nose at age 2, some don't succeed until 7 or 8. So try and teach your child how to blow their nose with a...
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Swap Out Your Microfiber Cleaning Cloths For Cotton Diaper Inserts

Microfiber cloths are popular for a reason. Not only are they great at cleaning up every day filth, they also don’t leave streaks or lint on glass, making them a useful cleaning multi-tool for kitchen and bathroom messes. But there is a dark side of microfiber in general. Microplastic shedding is...
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Man Suffers Seizures After Using Cotton Swab To Clean Ears

When you vision a cotton swab, one of its uses you think of is to clean out your ears. Although health professionals have caution against this practice for years as you risk causing an infection from scratching the ear canal or damaging your ear drum. Believe it or not it was much worse for a 31-...
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Tips Of Buying Bed Sheets

Nothing screams excitement quite like shopping for bed sheets. While it's easy to find a set of good-looking sheets, it's difficult to judge the quality of a new set by its price or package. However knowing that sheets share common properties will at least give you some guidance. For instance, most...
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Surprising Ways You Can Lose Your Hearing

It is estimated that 48 million Americans have some sort of hearing loss. While most of that is caused by listening to music with earbuds at a high levels of sound, working around loud machinery or environment and you age, there are other less common causes that lead to early loss of hearing. For...
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Easily Clean Your Dog's Ears

We like to keep our pooches clean. Regular baths, grooming daily and clipping their nails. But when did you clean out their ears? Ear infections are a common ailment in dog, especially in breeds that have long, droopy ears and those that grow hair in their ear canals. You can usually spot an ear...
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