Avoid Buying These Items Used

Scoring a bargain feels fantastic! Hitting the thrift store and finding hidden gems is not only good for your wallet but the environment too. But not everything should be bought used. Mattresses top the list. With the resurgence of bed bugs, it makes taking a second-hand mattress risky. Not to...
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You Should Do These Items At Least Once A Year

We are just hours away from the beginning of a new year! This exciting time gives us a chance to reflect on the current year and perhaps all the things we should've done but didn't. But not to worry, here are some of the things you should do at least once a year. Get a physical. An annual checkup...
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Cosmetics You Should Be Storing In The Refrigerator

You've invested a small fortune in cosmetic items. Lotions, powders and serums that make you look and feel great and you never really give much thought in where you place them in between applications. It makes sense to keep your cosmetics when you need them, such as your bathroom. But for some...
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