Does Your Infant Or Toddler Need Glasses?

Vision tests are conducted on infants starting at six months and a comprehensive eye exam by an eye care professional should be scheduled by age one and repeated before kindergarten.
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Why You Shouldn't Flush Used Eye Contacts Down The Drain

Contact wearers are being asked not to dispose of their used contact down the drain. it is estimated that 45 million Americans, that’s 1 in 5 people, dispose of their used contracts by flushing down the toilet or tossing them down the drain, causing additional plastic to wind up in our sewage...
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New Study Says Contact Lens Wearers Should Stop Using Them After 10 Years

More than 30 million Americans wear contact lenses to correct their vision. With such a large amount of people wearing contacts, there are many who do not follow the recommended regime on care laid out by their doctors. That is why the findings on a new study say that contact wearers generally have...
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