A Fitted Sheet Hack You'll Love

Nothing feels quite AS nice as slipping into a bed made with fresh sheets! However switching out sheets usually involves a struggle with the famed fitted sheet as you round one corner of the mattress only to have it pop off the other corner. Here's a simple and effective hack to keep that fitted...
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SPF Moisturizers Not As Effective As Traditional Sunscreen

Many people rely on SPF moisturizers to keep their skin hydrated, reduce their risk of cancer and keep them looking young. But a study suggests these lotions may fail to protect us against skin cancer. Researchers found that nearly 17% (16.6%) of the face is missed when we apply creams with added...
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The Best Time To Book A Hotel At The Lowest Rate

By now you're think of where to go this summer to relax and have fun. Trip expenses can add up quickly and while conventional wisdom suggests you book your hotel room with your airline tickets, you can save a bit more money by delaying your hotel booking. Many experts say that the lowest airfare...
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