Using Vinegar To Control Weeds

Turns out that vinegar is an effective killer of weeds in your yard.
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Black Lives Matter Heart Protest

Discussing Racism With A Racist Family Member

Everyone has that one family member who we’d gladly like to steer clear of when it comes to talking about politics and race.
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The Smart Way To Keep Dog Poop Off Your Lawn

Dog are great creatures. Some dog owners are just inconsiderate, especially when it comes not cleaning up after their dog leaves "a gift." No more so is this frustrating than when it’s on your lawn. But don't get angry, get smart with this simple hack. While some of your neighbors may put signs out...
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Is It Safe To Use Cruise Control When It Is Raining?

You car's cruise control can be a lifesaver on a long road trip. But when it starts to rain, is it a good idea to keep the cruise control on or off? There has been an Internet story that has been circulating for a while that shares the story of a car that began to hydro-plane when it was raining...
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The Art Of The Apology

Next time you are late to work, forget an appointment or want to get out of social obligation, make sure your excuse is plausible and out of your control. A philosophy Professor offers some insight into the art of the apology and making them believable. Basically your intention, truthful or not,...
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Warning Issued To Not Kiss Hedgehogs

It’s not every day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues an advisory about pet hedgehogs, but here we are. Friday, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) said it was investigating a salmonella outbreak that it believes may be from handling and kissing adorable hedgehogs. Eleven...
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CDC Gives The Green Light For Your Chicken To Wear A Halloween Costume

Not to worry pet chicken owners, despite reports claiming otherwise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would like everyone to know that it's not warning people against dressing up their chickens for Halloween. Last week a news story appeared to misinterpret a warning by the CDC...
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New Family Link Feature Allows Parents To Control Device Time Of Their Kids

It's a real struggle between kids who seem to always been their smartphone and the parents who are trying to limit that time. So if your child has an Android phone, listen up and learn about the new Google feature. Last year Google Family Link was launched as a way for parents keep track of what a...
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Smart Power Strip Lets You Control Each Outlet Individually

Our home is getting smarter and at the very least more convenient. While we now can control the thermostat, lights and even see who is knocking at the front door with our smartphones, now there's the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi power strip. Not only does it let you remotely control your lights, fixtures, and...
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Eating Charcoal-Infused Foods Can Interfere With Your Medications

Not all food trends should be followed, such as the jet black ice cream and latte fad that began last year. Come to find out, the black coloring, derived from adding charcoal to foods, can make medication less effective and causes intestinal irregularities. Activated charcoal has been used for...
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