The 22lb dumbbell That Holds Your iPhone X

If you gonna use your phone, might as well get a workout. That's the though behind a new iPhone X case, which is attached to a 22lb dumbbell. Dubbed the Macho Case and created by the Japanese cell phone company Softbank, it securely holds your phone in a polycarbonate that also covers a solid iron...
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Is This The End Of The Compact Disc?

It can be said that you've reached the peak of your CD collection. The silver disc that housed music for over thirty years will no longer be sold at Best Buy stores as of July 1st. At one point, Best Buy was the most powerful music merchandiser in the United States but now sources say CD sales only...
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January Is A Busty Month For Hiring

If you've been toying around with the idea of looking for a new job, this is it! Historically the month of January is the best month to get hired. According to estimates, companies publicly announced the hiring of 135,501 people in January 2017. By contrast, just 25,765 new positions were announced...
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Company Offers Paid Time Off To Compensate For Smokers Taking Breaks

Do smokers take more work breaks than non-smokers? One Japanese company has heard their non-smoking employees and feel they deserve an extra six days of paid vacation as compensation for their smoking peers taking regular breaks throughout the day. A spokesperson for the company said that an office...
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Should Non-Smokers Get Extra Paid Time Off As Compensation For Smokers Taking Breaks?

Yes, Smokers take time off from work to smoke, so I should get compensated.
100% (3 votes)
No, non-smokers can also take scheduled breaks and not smoke, so there is no need for additional paid time off.
Total votes: 3
A Japanese company offers an additional six days of paid time off a year for non-smokers as compensation for smokers taking 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Do you think your employer should offer paid time off for not taking breaks to smoke?
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A Women's Swimsuit That Looks Like A Hairy Man's Chest

Summer is here and the hunt is on for the perfect swimsuit. We've found one that defiantly will be a conversation piece. The website Belived Shirts is selling the "sexy chest swimsuit" . While it may sound like the material on this swimsuit is see-through, it is quite the opposite and displays a...
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Company Sells Young Blood To Older Clients

A start-up business seems like it would be the perfect job for Dracula. A company called Ambrosia in northern California buys blood from young people and then transfuses it into the body of an older person. Ambrosia founder, Jesse Karmazin, pays for the blood of people under the age of 25 and then...
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Shoes Block Incoming cell Phone Signals For A Digital Detox Day

The digital rebellion is growing with a shoe straight out of the 1960s sitcom, Get Smart. Anatomic Shoe company is working it's " In Good Company " concept shoe that connects to your mobile device and will disconnect you from the world. With 1/3 of adults saying it's rude when others are on their...
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Sis Hour Work Days Are Healthier And Save Money For Employers

More evidence that a shorter work day is full of positive benefits for both employees and employers. A experiment at a nursing home in Sweden has just been completed, where the working day was reduced from 8 hours to 6 and it's hard to argue its success. Although the nursing facility had to hire an...
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Luxury Bottled Water From Icebergs Sells For $75 Each

Last year American's spent $14.2 billion on bottled water and for the first time, water eclipsed soda sales. So it should be no surprise that more companies are putting their money into bottled water. A Norwegian startup company has thrown their bottle into the ring with water captured from...
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