Check If Your Toilet Is Leaking With Food Coloring

Your toilet may be leaking and you don't even notice it. While big toilet leaks are easy to detect as you can usually hear them, a slow leak is quiet yet still ends up costing you money. You can check to see if you toilet is slowly leaking by reaching for a bottle of food coloring. Just lift the...
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Fun Ways To Dye Easter Eggs Without A Store-Bought Kit

Easter hops into our lives Sunday and with Easter come the colored Easter eggs the Easter Bunny has so carefully hidden. While finding them is a fun activity for the family, dying the eggs is just as fun. Not everyone is a egg dying master with patterns and designs but you don't have to be with...
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DIY: Fake Blood

Halloween is just around the corner and signals the beginning of a spending spree that continues through the New Year. We're here to help save your hard-earned cash with some DIY projects, including a recipe to make fake blood for your Halloween costume or party and there's a good chance you...
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