Dealing With Debt Collectors

According to the U.S. Consumer Federal Protection Bureau and the National Consumer Law Center, 33% of U.S. adults with credit had debt in collection in 2016, with unemployment, divorce and unanticipated hardships leading the reasons for collections. However how debt is collected tops the list of U...
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These Old VHS Tapes Are Worth Big Bucks

It sounds crazy that outdated technology is worth more than the latest electronic gadgets but lurking in your closet, attic or garage could be worth it if you happen to have some old VHS video tapes. While we search online for movies, nostalgic fans are dropping big cash for vintage VHS tapes you...
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Web Extensions That Will Help Ease The Political Ads Until Election Day

Election Day is just a few weeks away and that means targeted political ads are ramping up, with some of them downright nasty. There's a good chance you’re seeing targeted ads on Facebook based on your activity both on the platform and around the web. For those of us who are looking for ways to...
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