Taco Bell To Launch Clothing Line At Forever21

Is the world ready for Taco bell fashion? Clothing retailer Forever21 believe so as they launch a limited series of shirts, bodysuits, hoodies and sweatshirts that feature Taco Bell food items and advertising slogans. For example, you can own a pink pullover sweatshirt with the “Live Mas” logo on...
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Clothing Line That Grows With Toddlers

The one thing about a toddler is they will outgrow their clothes quickly. That's an expensive realization that every parent knows about. However a fashion designer has created a lien of clothing for toddlers that grows with them. Petit Pli will sell pleated shirts and pants that are small enough to...
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Amazon Working On Home Wardrobe Delivery Service

It appears Amazon's quest for world domination is in full swing. Last week the online retailer announced it would be purchasing Whole Foods and most likely will begin offering food and meals delivery. Now the company plans to let customers order clothing and try them out before charging them. Prime...
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The More Revealing Your Outfit, The Less Effective It Is In Attraction

Wearing skimpy and revealing clothing to attract someone of the opposite gender actually backfires, according to a new study. It suggests that women generate as much excitement in men when fully clothed as they do naked. The same is true for men who show off their muscles to attract a woman. A...
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Tips To Dry Up Excessive Sweating

Last week we looked into a study that found gender isn't a factor in the amount you sweat but rather it is your size . But beyond size there are some people who simply sweat more often and that can be embarrassing when making a presentation where sweat stains your clothing. Sweating is essential to...
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