Use A Band-Aid TO Prevent Your Glasses From Fogging Up When Wearing A Face Mask

The biggest pitfall of wearing a face mask is your glasses fogging up every time you exhale
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Bandannas and Neck Gaiters May Be Worse Than Wearing No Mask At All

Gaiter masks and bandannas may be just as ineffective in containing water droplets exhaled from your nose and mouth as not wearing a mask at all.
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Avoid These Face Mask Laundry Mistakes

By now you've accumulated a few cloth face masks and like any article of clothing, they need to be cleaned for them to be effective. But there are some laundry pitfalls you want to avoid when cleaning face masks
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World Health Organization Changes Recommendation About Face Masks

Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) updated their recommendations regarding face masks.
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The Lowdown On Copper Face Masks

Copper face masks may be better than a surgical or cloth mask because it can destroy bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.
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Cleaning Your Face Masks

The CDC and WHO recommend everyone wear a face mask while in public places. But as we are finding out, they get dirty
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Reminders When Wearing A Mask

Don't let wearing a mask lure you in to a false sense of security.
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Cleaning Your Reusable Shopping Bags

A recent study found that just only 3% of shoppers who use reusable bags regularly wash them.
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Restore Scratched Glass With This Simple Hack

A scratch on a glass table can be one of the worst eye sores in your home. However there's a pretty simple hack you can use to buff out minor scratches. All you need is a lint-free cloth, a non-gel toothpaste that contains backing soda and a damp cloth. First clean and dry the glass using a glass...
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Tips On Keeping A Clean Bathroom Looking Clean

Usually when you do some straightening up, a room looks a lot more organized and clean. Except the bathroom. For some reasons the laws of organization do not seem to apply. So here are some common culprits that make a clean bathroom appear disheveled. Wet counters can be a source of frustration...
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