Avoid These Damaging Products When Using And Cleaning The Shower

Common beauty and cleaning products may be to blame for an emergency call to the plumber.
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Unclog A Toilet When You Do Not Have A Plunger

Have you ever been at a friend’s house and wonder "what if" you flush the toilet to only see the bowl water start to rise and no plunger in site! First off, remain calm and don't panic because we have a hack you can do to get things flowing again. It involves you pouring hot water into the clogged...
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DIY Drain Cleaner

With all those showers, dirty dishes and clothes, eventually you will experience slow drains and if not handled in time, a complete backup of waste water! Eww, waste water! Hopefully a drain cleaner will fix the problem, otherwise a plumber will be needed to clear the clogged pipe(s). But you can...
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