The Best Beaches In America

As we welcome the Memorial Day weekend, many of our thoughts turn to the coast, the smell of sunscreen and the feeling of your toes in the sand. Fortunately for us, three of the top 10 Beaches in America are in Florida, where Siesta Key Beach , in Sarasota, rates number one for 2017. Florida...
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Seabird Drops Cheeto That Turns Out To Be A Seahorse

Floridians don't have a good relationship with seabirds and the people who feed them on the beach. As one girl found out last week while visiting Indian Shores Beach, outside Clearwater. While sitting on the shore, a seabird dropped a Cheeto on her feet. However upon closer inspection, the orange...
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Florida Drivers Films Snake Emerging From Hood of Car While Driving

While many of us end the day with a mindless commute home, Tim Mokwa of Clearwater noticed he had a sneaky hitchhiker under the hood of his car. While driving home on US 19 Monday afternoon, Tim notices a snake slithering out from the hood of his car. At first, it was a small green head in the...
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