Harness The Cleaning Power Of The Sun

Take advantage of this abundant and free cleaning agent by making your clean stuff even cleaner with a bit of sunbathing.
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Cleaning Your Face Masks

The CDC and WHO recommend everyone wear a face mask while in public places. But as we are finding out, they get dirty
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Clean Your Vacuum

The tools you use to clean need to be cleaned themselves from time to time, including your vacuum.
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EPA Adds Botanical Thymol To List That Kills Coronavirus

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added cleaners containing the ingredient " thymol " to their list of approved coronavirus-killing products.
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Spring Cleaning Should Include The Walls

The one area you've probably missed in cleaning are the walls!
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Ways You May Be Misusing Disinfectants In Your Home

There's a good chance you are not disinfecting your home with disinfectants properly.
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Kill Coronoavirus In Your Car

As COVID-19 spreads, you’ve probably already learned the proper technique for washing your hands and which household cleaners can destroy a coronavirus. But what about the inside of your car?
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Cleaning Your Reusable Shopping Bags

A recent study found that just only 3% of shoppers who use reusable bags regularly wash them.
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Android Apps That Promise To Clean And Speed Up Your Phone Is Probably A Scam

Andoid phone apps that promise to clean and speed up your phone are mostl likely a scam to load your phone with Malware.
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Dishwashing tablets

Use A Dishwasher Tablet To Clean Your Oven

Use a dishwashing tablet to clean your oven easily.
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