Bubbling Facial Mask Resembles Puffy Clouds On Your Face

Our obsession with clean pores fuels a big face cleansing market. So far this year we've seen the charcoal mask that appears to rip the skin off your face . Now a kinder and gentler face masks that one user says, will turn your face into a puffy cloud! Look at this mad new face mask that turns your...
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Power Outages/Outage Maps

Losing electricity due to a Tropical Storm or Hurricane can be expected. When power is fully restored depends on a number of circumstances. Please remember to treat all downed power lines as live and STAY AWAY and DO NOT TOUCH IT. Below are the major power suppliers in our area, how to alert them...
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Orange Alligator Spotted In South Carolina

Perhaps you've seen an all-white, albino alligator before but what about an orange one? Residents of Hanahan, South Carolina have dubbed its new celebrity, "Trumpagator", who was spotted resting on the bank of a pond this week. The 4.5 ft. alligator has many wondering why its skin is a rusty, sweet...
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Wife Attacks Husband With a Wrench and Sword

Never bring a wrench to a sword fight or you could wind up in the hospital. Peter and Brandi have been married for 4 years and reside in Middleburg. Things got dicey between the couple back on November 5th, when the two began an argument that lead to a fight. According to Clay County Sheriff’s...
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Bald Eagle Gets Trapped In Clay County Car's Grille

Quite possibly the strangest story from hurricane Matthew happened in Clay County Saturday when a bald eagle somehow got trapped in the grille of a moving car. Clay County Sheriff Office shared the story on Facebook where the driver called 911 to report the bird had flown in front of his car and...
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