Companies Cutting Down Alcohol At Holiday Parties

2017 may just be known as the year longtime sexual harassment criminals have been busted and all the allegations have many businesses cutting back on the amount of alcohol at Christmas parties. A recent survey found just 49 % of companies plan to serve alcohol as their holiday events this year,...
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Sorry Charlie, Chocolate Isn't A Health Food As Chocolate Funded Its Own Health Studies

There's been a lot of good news about chocolate lately, with some reports going as far as calling it a health food. Come to find out many of those studies were funded by chocolate manufacturers such as Nestlé, Mars and Hershey's. A nutrition researcher says that over the last 30 years chocolate...
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Class Action Lawsuits Payout for Ticketmaster and Vibram customers

Two class action lawsuits have been settled, which means you can expect payment if you were effected. First, the lingering Ticketmaster lawsuit, where the courts found the ticket company guilty of overcharging fees to customers and has ordered $386 million to be paid out in discounted and free...
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