Wet Nose Wednesday 3.29.17

Wet Nose Wednesday on 98.5 KTK is presented by Town and Country Veterinarians and Pet Resort , providing the most comprehensive package of services, free for most adopted shelter pets, including a complimentary stool test, heartworm and flea protection, behavioral counseling and a complete spa bath...
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Wet Nose Wednesday 3.22.17

98.5 KTK welcomes you to our Wet Nose Wednesday web page! Here is where we plan to match adoptable pets with their forever homes! It is with great please that we introduce you to, Chub! Hi my name is Chub. I am a very handsome guy who is very sweet. I have been at ACAS since December and it’s high...
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Wet Nose Wednesday 3.15.17

We are very excited to begin our Wet Nose Wednesday partnership with VOCAL, Voices Of Change Animal League, of Marion County! VOCAL is focused on solving the homeless pet problem and making Marion County a No-Kill community. They are doing this by focusing on spay & neuter, education and...
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Margarita Burn Is Real and Can Ruin Your Summer

Making a margarita can be hazardous to your health and we're not talking about overconsuming the drink. Believe it or not the combination of lime juice and sun on your skin can lead to a nasty chemical burn, dubbed, margarita burn. Phytophotodermatitis , as it is officially is known, occurs when...
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