Prevent A House Fire This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, which increases 350% compared to a regular day, followed by Christmas Day, the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas eve.
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Nearly 100,000 Artificial Christmas Trees Have Been Recalled Due To Fire Hazard

The Home Accents Holiday brand of artificial Christmas trees, sold exclusively at The Home Depot between June 2019 and December 2019 have been recalled due to a fire hazard.
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Environmentally-Friendly Ways To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree

The holidays are over and soon, if you haven’t already, your Christmas tree will make its exit from your home. Sadly, the once beloved Christmas tree becomes one of the biggest pieces of trash you’ll have to deal with all year. But it doesn't have to end up in a landfill. Homeowners and home...
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toddler room with toys

Hide Away The Excess Christmas Gifts For Your Toddler

You decided not to go overboard on gifts with your toddler this year. To your dismay, your family, friends and Santa himself didn't follow suit. Now your toddler's room is swimming in a sea of stuff. The good news is that you can pull some of that stuff away and give it back to them much later...
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Set Up Your Video Game Console Before Christmas

Christmas is tomorrow and if you’re giving someone a gaming console, or even a video game, you need to take some time today to unwrap it, fire it up, and install any and all updates it requests. Because there’s a chance that a manufacturer’s (or game’s) servers will be slammed on December 25 with...
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National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation-Themed Hotel Room

This year, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation turns 30 years old, and in celebration, the Ivy Hotel in Chicago is offering a suite package inspired by the classic holiday movie. Through December 31, 2019, guests can book “Christmas Vacation at the Ivy.” For the special event, the Ivy has...
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Make New Christmas Traditions

Traditions are what make holidays extra special. While they take a little extra planning, every tradition adds up to create Christmas memories that will last a lifetime. And when they grow up, your kids will carry them on to their own families! The best part of traditions is that you can begin one...
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The Holidays Are The Most Stressful Time Of The Year

As another year winds down, the holidays are meant to be a time to take a breath, recharge, and reflect on the past twelve months. Ironically, though, the very season that is supposed to promote relaxation is doing the exact opposite to most Americans, according to a recent survey of 2,000 adults...
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Website Offers 50% Off Last-Minute Hotels On Christmas For People Needing To Escape Family

The holidays are joyful times with friends and family. Although we love our families and friends, sometimes they can only be handled in small doses. So H has introduced special 50% off #XmasEscapeRates this holiday season , so people who are home visiting their families can duck out at...
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How To Calculate The Number Of Lights Needed For Your Christmas Tree

Everyone has a box of green extension cords, tangled strings of twinkling lights (one set colored and another clear) that must be untangled before stringing up no the Christmas tree. But do you have enough or too many? A good rule of thumb in determining how much string lighting is needed, is to...
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