Healthier Choices For A Traditional Easter Dinner

Easter is Sunday and for those who celebrate it with a feast, there's some simple ways to cut the calorie count down. So let's compare two favorite food items in the same category to see which one is healthier. Ham vs Leg of Lamb . Both of these traditional Easter foods are lean cuts of meat. The...
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Healthy Foods For A Midnight Snack

Eating late at night or in the middle of the night may be the worst time of day to eat, but if it's going to happen, and let's be honest it does happen from time to time, choose one of these healthier snacks that will satisfy your midnight cravings while also offering some health benefits. So skip...
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Plan For A Healthier Halloween

Halloween is a week away and even being on a Wednesday, you will need to prepare for tick-or-treaters making their way through the neighborhood. Generally we're entering the time of year when our eating habits are easily swept up in unhealthy food choices. So health, fitness and wellness experts...
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Valentine's Candies Vying For Your Dollar

Valentine's Day is Tuesday and this weekend many a sweetheart will be looking to find the perfect gift. Candy makers have high hopes you will shower your love with their brand of candy. Of course you still have the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates but there are a lot of new players this...
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potato chips

This Simple Trick May Help You Avoid Junk Food

It can be hard to completely avoid junk food. After all, it is in it's nature to be desirable but if you've swore them off in the new year, this simple trick may help you in your quest. All you have to do is serve the food yourself instead of having it given to you by someone else. A new study says...
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Harnessing a Teenagers Defiant Attitude Works In Making Healthy Food Choices

The old adage that a teenager will do the exact opposite of what they're told to do can pay off in a healthier lifestyle, says one new study. Apparently harnessing their natural tendency to be defiant works to get them to eat healthier! In a randomized trial, researchers assigned 489 eighth-graders...
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