Cold Weather Hacks To Keep You Warm

Floridians can handle pretty much all sorts of weather except freezing temperatures and bitterly cold wind. Freezing rain affecting much of the heart of Florida this morning and wind chills in the 20s and 30s all day the cold sticking around through Sunday. So make sure you are prepared by keeping...
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Over A Third Of Americans Are Binge Watching Netflix At Work

Move over #NetflixAndChill, we're binge-watching at our work desk! Apparently Netflix is watching as much as we're watching shows on it. On a survey over 37,000 people, it found that 67% of Americans are watching Netflix outside their home with 27% are watching at work! Yep, #NetflixAndWork is the...
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Our Dirty Little Secret About Netflix

New technology is leading us to new terms, phrases and problems. While Netflix and chill is used when hooking up on date night, Netflix cheating is on the rise among couples and no one is apologizing for it! Netflix cheating is when one person watches episodes of shows ahead of the other. A new...
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