Get Your Kids To Stop Whining

Whining is either a legit cry for help because they can't keep it together anymore, or a simple power play of dominance over you.
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How To Handle Distance Learning Burnout

Along with these new normal of distance learning come new problems, such as remote leaning burnout.
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Most Americans say they are skipping trick-or-treating this year

Nearly a quarter of Americans still plan on trick-or-treating this Halloween.
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Mom Startup Company Creates Face Shields For Children

Two doctors, who happen to be mothers, have created Little Lives PPE, a startup company that makes face shields for children as little as two-years old
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Use A Lunchbox To Help Picky-Eaters Find New Foods

Picky eating is something just about every parent deals with at some point.
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Create A Social Distancing Halloween Candy Slide

One thing is sure, Halloween will be different this year.
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Life Insurance For Your Children

While having a life insurance policyon yourself is wise, taking one out on your children or grandchildren may not be so wise.
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You Can Stil Apply For Your Kid's Missing Stimulus Payment

The IRS announced a new registration period for missing stimulus payments for eligible dependent children under 17 to receive a catch-up payment of $500 per child
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What Teachers Need From Parents This School Year

While each classroom, each school, and each teacher will have different needs, these ideas from teachers about what they need from parents this school year will help make the transition easier for everyone.
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Now Is The Time To Talk With Your Kids About The Upcoming School Year

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to sit down with your kids to talk about what this school year might look like.
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