Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Self-Checkout

The self-serve checkout has fans and foes. Reddit asked the question to why some people prefer to have their items scanned and bagged by a store employee instead of yourself. Some of the answers are hilarious. One stated the confusion of the computer in "placing your item in the bagging area,...
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You Should Do This One Thing When Shopping For Clothes Online To Limit Surprises

Ordering clothes online is a gamble to say the least. What you see isn't what you always get. Here’s an easy hack to help you shop online and limit any surprises. When you are looking at a piece of clothing online, select the lightest color before looking at it in other colors. That's because the...
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Self Check Out Machines Are Turning Us Into Criminals

No doubt that self-service check out at stores can be problematic at times. Add to the list their transforming power of turning an honest shopper into a thief. A university study found that losses at store more than double when self-service technology is used. Although forgetfulness account for a...
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