Using A Wireless Charger May Be Shortening The Life Of Your Phone

A recent wireless charger test found that the convenience of not using a wire can be shortening the life of your device!
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Ways We are Shortening The Life Of Our Phones

Ways we are shortening teh live of our phone.
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Phone Battery Myths Debunked

Our smartphones may be too smart for our own good but there is some old data out there about its battery. For instance, you may have heard it is a bad idea to charge your phone for a long period of time, such as overnight, saying it will overcharge and diminish the quality of the battery. Not true...
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Nearly Half Of Americans Feel Pressure To Overspend During The Holidays

Spend, buy, debt. These are words that many Americans associate with the holidays. However a new survey finds a growing number of people are fed up with the pressure. 45% of gift shoppers feel pressured to reach deeper into their wallets than they’re comfortable with, according to the 2018 Bankrate...
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Should You be Charged Money To Eat Dinner At Your Family's Thanksgiving Feast?

Shouldn't have to pay but you should contribute a item, side or dessert to the dinner.
60% (3 votes)
NO. You are an invited guest and therefore not obligated to pay.
40% (2 votes)
YES. There are many costs associated with buying and cooking Thanskgiving, so to chip in is not too much to ask.
Total votes: 5
We shared a story this morning about a woman who charges everyone a $30 fee for a plate of Thanksgiving at her dinner table [ CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY ]. We want to know if you think you should have to pay your family/friends who invite you to Thanksgivng Dinner?
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What You Need To Know When Flying A Low Cost Airline

The holidays are approaching and for many that means a trip across the country. But if you've been looking at airline ticket prices you may have noticed they're surprisingly cheap! Low-cost airlines have been hugely popular in saving you lots of money but before booking your flight there are some...
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How To Get The Most Charge For Your Phone In 5 Minutes

No doubt you've experienced the panic of a low battery reading on your phone only to give it a few extra percentage points by plugging it in for a few minutes. However there is a way to supercharge your phone is just five minutes, as long as you follow these steps. Many already know that putting...
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Amazon Working On Home Wardrobe Delivery Service

It appears Amazon's quest for world domination is in full swing. Last week the online retailer announced it would be purchasing Whole Foods and most likely will begin offering food and meals delivery. Now the company plans to let customers order clothing and try them out before charging them. Prime...
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Florida Mother Disputes Charges After Delivering Baby In The Hospital Parking Lot

This sounds more like a scene from a movie than real life. Paula and Joseph were prepared to welcome their daughter, Daniella, into the world. After 9 months the moment arrived and Daniella was ready to make her debut in April. Unfortunately, traffic in Boca Raton can be tough to navigate and as...
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Hospital Explains Charge For Father To Hold Newborn Infant

You may have heard about the father who was charged $39.35 to hold his newborn baby. Ryan Grassley posted the picture online Tuesday after receiving the bill from the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo. The photo of the bill shows a charge for "Skin to Skin after C-Sect" for $39.35 as a result of...
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