Family Charged Extra Fees For Long Last Name

If you have a long name, you understand that a letter or two is generally clipped off when filling it in on an online form. For a family attempting to board an airplane, it resulted in an additional fees of nearly $100. An unidentified man purchased his tickets for him and his family from the Thai...
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The Marvel Marriage Between Universal And Disney Explained

Who would've ever thought a movie based on a comic book character would ever become a move moneymaker. Marvel's Black Panther just past 1997's Titanic as the third top-grossing title of all time with nearly $660 million in ticket sales. It could be the best performing movie based on the dozens of...
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Password Security Advice Is Now Viewed As Incorrect

It happens about every 90 days, you have to come up with a new computer password. It must contain at least a number and a character (such as a !). It's been a standard practice for all government and most business computer terminals. But it appears that is not the most secure way to keep hackers...
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