Make Scratch-N-Sniff Christmas Cards For Friends And Family

Christmas is a magical time where we try to spend a little more time together as a family. So here's really fun family project that everyone will love! Make your very own scratch-n-sniff Christmas cards. It's super easy to do. All you need are plastic spoons and bowls, measuring spoons,...
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Cards Against Humanity Is Seeking Contributing Writers

If you are the life of the party with your witty one-liners and belly-laugh jokes, Cards Against Humanity is willing to pay you cold hard cash for your jokes! And if you are aware of the game, the more outrageous you can get with your jokes the better. The company is searching for contributing...
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App Pays You To Walk Around

We live in a great country! I mean, did you know you can get paid for just moving around? Miles is a free app for Apple that rewards you points for just getting up and going somewhere, whether it's by foot, car, bus, or plane. Rack up enough points and you'll be able to redeem gift cards and...
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Cards Against Humanity Create Bad Dad Jokes Expansion Pack

Just in time for Father's day, the sometimes raunchy party game, Cards Against Humanity, have released a Father's Day Pack loaded with 30 new bad dad jokes cards you can add to your deck. However when you go to buy them, skip the games section and head towards the DVD movie area at your favorite...
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Five Thing Predicted To Be Extinct In Ten Years

Can you imagine a world where there is no iTunes or credit cards? Best-selling author and futurist Michael McQueen, draws upon a decade of research into future trends and makes some pretty bold predictions for our world by 2028. One of them is the elimination of credit and debit cards. Because of...
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Billy Joel

You Can Send A Mother’s Day Card Featuring Billy Joel’s Music

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, but don’t panic if you’ve yet to get a gift—we’ve got you covered for all the Billy Joel-loving moms in your life.
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