Victim Of Robbery Gets His Money Back By Hitting The Thief With His Car

Imagine emigrating from Portugal to Philadelphia with your family can be a tough move, especially when you are robbed within a month of moving to America. Late Monday night a man, his wife and the couple's small child were all in the car and pulled to an ATM at a bank. As the immigrant pulls out...
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Florida Driver Fined For Car Dealer License Plate Frame

Your car could be in violation of the law right now and you wouldn't know it until you are caught by law enforcement. It's not your window tint. It's not your taillight. It's your license plate frame. The rectangular piece of steel or plastic many car dealers slap on your car so everyone can see...
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Apple Starts Releasing IOS 10 Update And What You Need To Know Before Installing

Today is the day that iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch users will see the familiar red dot tagging the settings button. Apple will start to roll out the IOS 10 update. Some of the updates include settings to view two Safari web browsing windows at the same time, new Markup feature for messages lets you...
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Florida Woman Sets Car On Fire, Thinking It was her Ex's.

Love can make you do some strange things. But even as scorn as you become, destroying your ex's property, especially by setting it ablaze is not a good idea. 19 year old Carmen Chamblee of Clearwater wanted to show her ex-boyfriend what a mistake he made by breaking up with her. So she bicycled...
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A Man Cutting A Sap-Dripping Tree Ends Up Destroying An Apartment Building

When you park your car under a tree, there's always the risk of something from the tree falling on your car. For those parking under a pine tree, it's those little globs of pine sap that can be hard to remove. Raymond Mazzarella and 5 other people lived in an apartment building in Pittston Township...
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