Deer Crossing Sign

Entering Peak Season For Deer Collisions

Auto insurance claims for collisions with deer and other animals rise significantly in the fall, according to the Highway Data Loss Institute (HDLI), rising dramatically in October before peaking in November.
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Should You Let Insurance Companies Track Your Driving For A Discount?

Collecting real-time data about your driving behavior could save you 5% to 40% off your insurance.
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Get The Most When Trading in Your Old Car For A New One

With a little homework, you can be prepared to know exactly how much your car is worth before hitting the car dealer's showroom.
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Beware of Buying A Flood-Damaged Car

In Florida, selling cars with flood damage is legal as long as the seller discloses it to the buyer.
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Tesla on Autopilot Crashes Into Police Car as Driver Watches Movie on Phone

A Tesla Model S slammed into a cop car on Wednesday night while the driver was preoccupied. The car was on autopilot and the driver was watching a movie on his phone when the accident occurred. Read more now.
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How To Get Spilled Gasoline And Its Smell Out Of Your Car

Spilled gasoline can linger inside the interior of your car for a long time. But you can rid it quickly with cleaning stuff you already have at home.
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Vehicle air conditioning knob

Getting The Most Cool Out Of Your Car's Air Conditioning

Even the most experienced A/C enthusiast might be using the feature incorrectly causing it to not cool efficiently and to use more fuel.
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hand sanitizer

Keeping Hand Sanitizer In Your Car Makes It Less Effective And Could Potentially Explode

Keeping bottles of hand sanitizer in your hot car can cause its active ingredient, alcohol, to evaporate, making the sanitizer less effective.
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Reminder: Run Your Car 'Once a Week' During COVID-19 Pandemic

One thing you might have lost track of by staying at home during the pandemic is your car. It’s important to run it every once in a while to avoid some typical problems. See the details.
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What To Do If You Can Not Make Your Car Payment

26 million Americans are jobless due to COVID-19. That's one in 6 people who have found themselves without an income. However with numbers like these, many businesses are working with people when it comes to debts, including your car loan or lease
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