Website Offers Pre-Written Emails To Help Speed Up Your Replies

No matter how much you think you’re caught up with work, there are always a few (or many) emails sitting there, waiting to be answered. Even firing off the most basic, repetitive email uses up precious brain power. Luckily, there is " Canned Emails ," a website that offers pre-written, polite...
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canned cranberry sauce

Canned Cranberry Sauce Deemed Least-Liked Thanksgiving Food

When it comes to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, stuffing, pumpkin pie and some sort of casserole are essential. On that list is cranberry sauce. Come to find out, that sticky jelly substance that is shaped like the can it came from, is not very well liked. A recent poll of 2000 adults found 46%...
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Pumpkin Spice SPAM

Perhaps we have reached the threshold of Pumpkin Spice. From lattes to cereal and even makeup, companies are cashing in on the pumpkin spice trend, including SPAM. The canned cooked pork actually joked about it back in 2017 when everything seemed to be going pumpkin-spiced! The Facebook post mockup...
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Extremely High Levels Of Zinc Found In Canned Tuna

A warning about canned tuna as a new report says the meat contained in these cans contains up to 100 times more zinc than is safe, which could wreak havoc on your digestive system. But it may go beyond tuna as most cans are lined with zinc because of its anti-microbial qualities, which help to...
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Easy Steps To Reduce Salt Intake While Keeping Flavor

If you've been told to cut down your sodium intake, aka salt, there's no need to lose flavor! The Centers for Disease Control says 90% of Americans consume too much salt so any way to cut back is a good move. For instance, swap out soy sauce for chili sauce. A tablespoon of soy sauce contains 1,...
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Stranger Things Themed Hotel Room To Binge Watch The Show

It's the hottest TV show that everyone is talking about, Stranger Things. It's a science-fiction horror in it's second season on Netflix, the show is mix of investigative drama alongside supernatural elements with childlike sensibilities based in the early to mid-1980s and creating a homage to pop...
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