Study finds you are filmed by security cameras at least 238 times a week

Research has found that the average American is filmed by security cameras over 230 times a week. That number has increased in the last decade.
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Genius Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Cell Phones

There's a good chance you've got a drawer old, outdated cell phones and there may be some use for those phones with these genius uses for them.
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Amazon Echo Smart Home Alexa Voice Service in a living room

The App That Will Alert You When Nearby Smart Devices Are Snooping

Internet of Things Assistant was developed by a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University which will let you discover the devices around you and learn about the data they collect
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Facebook App Glitch Allows Phone Camera To Be Active Without Your Knowledge

Facebook is at it again! There’s a lot of evidence suggesting that Facebook is always tracking our data, but a new issue found on the Facebook app for Apple suggests the company may be literally watching, too! A new "bug" turns on your phone’s camera in the background while you’re using Facebook...
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Yes, You Can Still Get Picture Film Developed!

It was probably in the 1990s when you first saw a digital camera (although the first digital camera was created in 1975 by Steven Sasson, an engineer at Eastman Kodak ). No longer would you have to wait for a roll of film to be developed in order to see the photograph just taken. It was the...
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Improve Your Phone Photos With This Setting

It is incredible how good the camera is on your iPhone. Point and click for a fantastic photo, especially on the newer models that offers pictures as good as those big DSLR camera professionals use. But if you want to boost your photo game to the next level, there’s another, simple way to take...
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Portable Camera Detector locates Hidden Cameras And Perfect For Your Next Hotel Stay

There have been a number of stories recently of hidden cameras found in hotels, bathrooms and even Airbnb homes that spy on unsuspecting victims. It is a horrifying experience that no one should go through and thanks to Spy Associates, a maker of surveillance and privacy protection products, you no...
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Get That New iPhone Without Dropping Over A Thousand Dollars

So the new iPhone is out and perhaps it is finally time for you to get a new phone. The good news is you don't have to spend over a thousand dollars on the latest models. You can save some cash by shopping the earlier-generation iPhone models still on the market that offer great performance for...
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Selfies Make Your Nose Bigger

Taking the perfect selfie is an art. The right place, the proper arm length and that face. But your selfie is adding a bit to your nose. A recent study found that our selfies add up to a 30% larger nose. It found that most smartphone cameras, particularly the ones on the front of the phone, distort...
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police lights

Shoplifting Couple Escape Into Secured Police Parking Lot

Police in Peoria, Arizona has a pretty easy day arresting a couple for shoplifting last week. According to the filed report, a couple of people decided they'd help themselves to some merchandise inside a gas station. Officers were very quick to respond and the dynamic duo fled the scene on foot...
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