The Reason Airline Tickets Prices Appear To Be Gouged Ahead Of Irma

There is no question that Florida will experience the wrath of hurricane Irma as forecast models show the storm remaining a category 4 storm with winds from 130-156mph up to 50 miles from the eye. That has prompted many people to purchase one way airplane tickets out of the Sunshine State before...
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Unwanted Free Cruise Call Could Mean Free Cash For You

Quite possibly the sweetest revenge of receiving a robocall is free cash. A class action lawsuit was filed against Resort Marketing Group, who make unsolicited phone calls on behalf of Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean cruise lines. The lawsuit claims the company violated the Telephone...
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Florida Drug Dealer Calls 911 To Report Stolen Cocaine

You wouldn't expect a self-described drug dealer to call police to report his stash of drugs stolen, but this is Florida where we've become accustomed to the unexpected! It seemed like a normal Sunday morning when 32-year old David Blackman got into his car parked and noticed he had been robbed of...
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Chrome Extension Calls Your Phone For An Easy Way To Excuse Yourself

No doubt this has happened to you before, you are working on a project at your desk and a deadline is quickly approaching when all of the sudden, you're visited by a co-worker for a social chat. You don't want to be rude but you're on a deadline, so what do you do? If you have the "nope" Chrome...
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Pot Call Interrupted By Flushing Pot

Conference calls can be informative but also very boring, even an Alaska Marijuana Control Board conference call. About 40 people were on the call to discuss the voter-approved recreational marijuana measure, when all of the sudden the speaker was interrupted by a rustling noise followed by the...
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Town Terrorized By Aggressive Turkeys

The wild turkey population is alive and healthy and perhaps has grown wise to our Thanksgiving traditions. In Davis, California, an ever-growing population of aggressive turkeys is terrorizing the town. One particularly aggressive Turkey, known as "Downtown Tom," prompted several residents of Davis...
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