Is This Target's Secret As To Why You Buy More Than You Set To Buy?

Ever get caught up in the Target vortex? When you go in to buy a couple of items on your list and leave with a basket full of stuff? Staying focused in Target is hard but why? There are other stores similar to Target that you have no problem sticking to your list. However you may have failed to...
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Survey Finds Baby Boomers Are More Entitled Than Millennials

Millennials are getting a bad rap about being lazy, entitled and special. According to, Baby Boomers are far more entitled than Millennials. When asked about the appropriate age you should be hitting major life milestones, the Millennials surveyed said people should be able to pay for...
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Drunk Driver Spends Over $1,000 On Newspapers To Keep His Mug Shot Away From Neighbors

Life is filled with moments of regret, such as the regret of 43 year old Joseph Talbot of Wayne County, New York. Last Thursday the vice president of a bank was swerving on the road and was pulled over by state troopers. No surprised the swerving was due to Joseph being drunk and after failing...
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Thief Uses Stolen Credit Card To Buy Home Security System

A story dripping in irony, Colorado authorities are on the lookout for a thief who used a stolen credit card. According to the report, on October 6th, man broke into a parked car at a fitness center in Littleton, Colorado was able to find the owner's purse hidden under her jacket inside and took it...
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