Three Things To Do When You Get A New Phone

There's a good chance you'll find a great Black Friday deal on a new mobile phone
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What To Know About The Buy Now-Pay Later Purchase Option

While there was a brief resurgence in layaway during The Great Recession, it has been replaced with Buy Now-Pay Later services.
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mandatory face mask sign

More Stores Are Requiring Customers To Wear Face Masks

Although there is no state mandate to wear masks in public, retailers can forcefully kick out non-compliant customers who do not follow their new face mask policies
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You Can Buy Unused Snacks From Airline

JetBlue is one airline that has reduced service to many destinations an even stopped visiting 12 cities temporarily ! That sudden change has left them with thousands of cheese and snack trays that would've been served on their flights.
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Programs That Can Help You With A Mortgage Down Payment

Programs to help you with a mortgage downpayment.
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Extend The Shelf Life Of Fresh Foods

Nobody wants to throw out good food nor toss out food that’s gone bad. The average American household throws away almost a third of the food it buys, but there are things you can do to make sure food stays good longer—even fresh foods such as vegetables and eggs. The first rule of keeping food...
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When To Repair Or Replace Your Car

One of the best feelings in the world is making your final car payment! Now all you are needing to pay for is gas, insurance and maintenance. But eventually, those repairs start adding up, with even routine maintenance inching up into the hundreds-of-dollars realm. Is it time to retire your ride...
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Avoid Buying These Items Used

Scoring a bargain feels fantastic! Hitting the thrift store and finding hidden gems is not only good for your wallet but the environment too. But not everything should be bought used. Mattresses top the list. With the resurgence of bed bugs, it makes taking a second-hand mattress risky. Not to...
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Is Buying A Fixer-Upper A Smart Financial Move?

A home fixer-upper is a diamond in the ruff. They're so popular that there are several TV and web shows devoted to nothing home renovations and the deal you get purchasing a handyman's special. But when you crunch the numbers, fixer-uppers are a savings goldmine as you would think. A recent survey...
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Items You Should Rent Instead Of Buy

When it comes to the space you live in, there are two clear choices: rent or buy. But did you know that you have that same choice about the things you put inside your home? Here, some things it may make more sense to rent than buy. While there are some tools every homeowner should have, like a...
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