Crocs With Built-In Socks

Is the world ready for Crocs to come with built-in socks? The answer is yes! Crocs and streetwear company Alife unleash a new collection: an ordinary pair of Crocs, but with a pair of tube socks attached to them. The collection features three new Crocs styles, the "Art," "Jibbitz," and "Classic"...
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This Year's Pool Party "Must Have" Are Gigantic Floats!

Spring officially begins a week from today and that means backyard pool parties and afternoons floating down the river are about to begin for another season. This year there has already been a run on the "must have" pool toys. Apparently 10ft by 10ft inflatable pool floats are flying off the...
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Woman Builds Home By Watching You Tube Videos

The next time you think something is impossible or told you can't do it, remember this story. Actually it's the story of Cara Brookin. The mother of 4 children had been beaten down in an abusive relationship. After reaching down for the strength, she found the courage to leave the violence with her...
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