Coastal California City Will Pay You $100 To Visit

If you're planning on a vacation to California between now and March 31st, you can earn a crisp $100 bill for visiting one city. About four hours north of Los Angeles, on the coast, is the charming town of San Luis Obispo, which if you book a two-night stay at an area hotel, the city's tourism...
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Shoes Made From Chewed Bubblegum

Stepping in chewed gum is gross but a hoe make from recycled gum is awesome! Clothes designer Explicit Wear has teamed up with the sustainability company Gumdrop to create a shoe that is made from chewed bubble gum. Named the Gumshoe, the sole of the sneaker consists of synthetic rubber that was...
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Deep Fried Bubblegum?!?

Proof that anything can be deep fried and eaten, including bubblegum. Although there is some confusion. There was the winner of the Big Tex Choice Awards at the 2011 Texas State Fair and winner Justin Martinez, who used bubble gun extract infused with a marshmallow and deep fried to give you the...
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