Why You Should Shop Online Using A Private Web Browser Window

All web browsers have it. Apple's Safari calls it a "private" , Google's Chrome refers to it as "incognito." They allow you to surf the web with more privacy as websites aren't saved in the browser history and web sites cannot load tracking software, known as cookies, in your web browser. This is a...
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Web Browsers To Mute Videos That Automatically Play Online

One of the most annoying things about the Internet are those web site that automatically start to play audio and video. While you are trying to be discreet, the damage has already been done. Some good news though, it appears are planning to launch updates that will mute most videos and audios...
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Google Now Fact Checks Your Search Terms To Identify Fake News Sites

Knowing what is real news and fake news is about to get easier when you are making a Google search. The Alphabet Company says it has debuted a new Fact Check Box feature that aims to alert users if what they're searching is fact or fiction. Instead of curtailing your search results based on bias,...
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