Elf On A Shelf Breaks Leg In Skydiving Mishap

Many Elves on a Shelfs are known to my mischievous as they observe kids and report their actions to Santa. Each morning the scout elf flies back from the North Pole and sometimes catching a ride is the only way it can happen. That's what happened to Krisoff who is tasked with watching 9 -year old...
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Mischievous Opossum Over Consumes Bottle Of Bourbon

As we gear up for all the Christmas parties and celebrations it is important to not overdo it with the libations. That's good advice not only for humans but for opossums. Apparently one was able to break into the Cash's Liquor Store in Ft. Walton Beach on Thanksgiving night. According to a store...
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Man Fined For Singling Too Loud In His Car

Be careful of getting to carried away singing your favorite song as one driver in Canada found out. Taoufik Moalla was driving to get a bottle of water in Montreal when C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" came on the radio. he turned up the radio and began to sing along with it (and who...
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