Home For Sale Sign Warns "Neighbor Is An A**..."

There's always a chance you may be in for quite a surprise after buying a home. But at least one homeowner is being upfront and honest as to why he and his family want to sell their house. The "For Sale" sign bluntly proclaims the house is for sale because the neighbor is an a**hole. Kane Blake...
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Prince Harry's Hack For Crispy Bacon

The British monarchy is all a buzz over the announcement that Prince Harry and American-born Meghan Markle are to wed. Prince Harry has spent a lot of his life in The States and while here, he has become a big fan of American bacon, which it a bit different from the bacon served in his native...
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Queen Elizabeth II Has Four Cocktails a Day & She Starts Drinking Pretty Early

Cheers! Queen Elizabeth II is apparently throwing back 4 alcoholic drinks each day. Yes, a newly resurfaced report says that the 91-year-old has 4 alcoholic drinks each day. According to Her Majesty's cousin, Margaret Rhodes, The Queen is a creature of habit. She says that The Queen's alcohol...
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