Are Car Headlights Getting Too Bright?

Driving at night has become an eyesore with headlights. With the advancement of lighting technology it would appear to anyone on the road at night that headlights are getting brighter, which is good for the driver but bad for vehicles caught in the glare that is blinding. The National Highway...
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Visitors Judge Your Home

Guests arrive at your home and you get the feeling they are judging you. You'd be right! An interior design web site asked home visitors what are the most common things people notice when they visit someone else's house. Furniture location, lighting and smells are all noticed and while guest judge...
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Surviving A Job You Hate

It is always better to seek a new job when you still have one, even if you really hate your current job. Day after day you dread coming in to work, associating with co-workers and grinding your teeth in meetings. While you are searching for your next job it can be difficult to keep yourself up in a...
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